Like in every teaching Tora has its secrets and higher explanations. There are degrees of reading the card, similar as there are degrees of reading a book.

From the very well known, up to the very incomprehensible, this imaginary line is eternal. That is why I advise to use the inner instinct and intuition in your learning process.

In my ROTA teaching fool card is like a pin of the compass. That is why it is in the middle of the deck of major arcana of creation represented by the letter kaf (qoph) which also stands in the middle of the alphabeth.

Eternity sign on the magician card (NO:1) shows the infinite journey of creation and WE SEE THE SAME SIGN in strenght card (☆No:8) which is used to be the eleventh card. So the fool card is actually divides the deck into 2 equal pieces.

This is represented as 2 different journeys; one is 1 through 10 and the other is 11 to 21 and also there is another journey that l am preparing from 22 to 31…. Will be available in april 2022….

Universal and Multi-dimensional gates are always open to you with my cards to investigate even more. You just need to look deeply into them in order to understand.

Our comprehension is limited, on the other hand God is eternal

Mira Rota